If the 1980 election could have been handed to Jimmy Carter by stealing fewer than 2 million votes, less than 3 percent nationwide, then the much closer election of 2012 won by just 2.6 percent in the popular vote and fewer than 400,000 votes in the four key swing stats that denied Mitt Romney the presidency, could easily have been stolen by various methods of vote fraud and ballot-box stuffing.

Note: This is a scenario, we are NOT suggesting there was any vote fraud in the 1980 election. But the point here is, Ronald Reagan won a landslide in 1980 by winning 489 electoral votes and 50.71 percent of the popular vote to Carter’s 49 electoral votes and 49.98 percent of the popular vote. That means Reagan won the popular vote by 9.73 percent or about 8.4 million votes.

The point here is to show that even a large landslide could have been reversed with the stealing of a relatively small number or percentage of votes in the right states.

The electoral college numbers always make a presidential win look far more overwhelming than the actual votes that made it happen.

If the Carter campaign in 1980 had been run by David Alexrod and company and they had stolen enough votes to win enough states to get Carter reelected, it would have only taken about 1.8 million votes in the 18 states listed below to win Carter another 234 electoral votes, in addition to the 49 he won, to reach 283 electoral votes and win the election.

This number of votes assumes they would steal enough votes to close the margin and give Carter a 10,000 vote margin in each state to avoid the possibility that recounts would reverse the results.

Below are the 18 states listed and the voters for Reagan and Carter in each, the margin Reagan won them, and the number of votes to steal to win them for Carter.

This scenario and these numbers put the 2012 election in perspective. If one doesn’t think the 2012 election could have been stolen, it would have been a LOT easier than stealing the 1980 election for Jimmy Carter. Barack Obama won the four states of Colorado, Ohio, Virginia and Florida collectively by a margin of just fewer than 382,000 votes.

If Obama had won about 422,000 fewer votes in the right amounts in those states, Romney would have won each of those four states by about 10,000 in each state and would have won 275 electoral votes and would have been elected president. That shows you just how FEW votes might have been enough to steal the 2012 election from Mitt Romney.

If they stole a million votes, it was likely enough votes to win most of the key swing states, including those plus Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire.