The stats above were found today (Nov. 16, 2012) on Nate Silver’s blog site. This data could be gathered from public sources, but Nate Silver has been nice enough to do that work already so those stats are quoted from this graphic which is a screen shot from the chart he presented today on his site.

Voter Suppression: Clearly, the raw number of votes nationally is way down from where it was in 2008. For months the mainstream media clearly communicated a message with ONE voice, that Barack Obama was likely to win reelection, Mitt Romney was a weakened candidate that was damaged in the primary process and further weakened when Obama attacked him with tens of millions of negative ads on TV and Romney stood no chance of getting elected.

That millions of potential Republican voters, that vote for McCain in 2008 while far less enthused about doing so, did not turn out to vote for Romney in 2012 clearly proves the voter suppression campaign waged by the mainstream media and to some extent by the Democrat Party, worked quite well.

While the overall strategy was voter suppression, it is clear from viewing these stats that boosting the turnout in key swing states (the ones in yellow above) was taking place as well.

Without further or more detailed proof, there is objectively two ways to increase voter turnout on the side of those supporting Obama, as it clearly did happen in some key swing states: either get more real people out to vote who will vote for Obama, or stuff the ballot boxes and engage in a variety of vote fraud and vote scamming methods.

Odds are quite likely, to maximize their odds of succeeding in getting President Obama elected, that they engaged in all of the above to make it happen. Other information presented on this web site is gradually building the case that the margin of voter fraud exceeds any real margin by which this race was won by Obama.

It is beginning to appear that the likely Romney victory, even it was to be close, that many believed was going to happen was actually going to happen if it was reversed with vote fraud.